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  • Decorating How-To's

    CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor offers decorating tips on how to accessorize your home with paint and fixtures.

    Where do you find inspiration when decorating your home? Are you inspired by a much beloved article of clothing? A piece of artwork? A famous landscape? Your absolute favorite scene in a movie? Browsing through magazines? There are so many wonderful places to draw inspiration from in this colorful world around us. Where does one even begin though? As a home painter, CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor loves the brilliance of color. From calming neutrals to bold hues, a paint contractor loves it all.

    In order to fully appreciate the paint color in your home, as a home painter expert, we recommend accenting the space with complementary accessories to enhance the color scheme. Painting the walls is the first step to decorating, but sometimes you need to accessorize your home even more with fixtures and furniture to augment the beauty of the wall color paint.

    Check out some decorating how-to tips suggested by CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor's paint contractor and home painter teams:

    • Before making any major purchases, coordinate the flooring with the color of the walls. A paint contractor can help you with this process if you are having difficulties making a decision. It's important to harmonize all of the colors in a room together. Now, this doesn't mean that everything has to be "matchy matchy", but use your best judgment. For instance, greens, reds, whites, and greys match very well with dark colored floors.
    • Keep the flow of a room in mind when selecting accessories. You want to be able to walk around the room without feeling overcrowded by furniture.
    • From a home painter's perspective, have fun with textures, patterns, and colors. Be courageous by stepping out of your comfort zone.
    • Determine the function of the room. For example, in a living room, will you need plenty of comfortable seating? Ample amount of light for reading? Storage fixtures to tuck away your books and tchotchkes. A CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor's paint contractor may be able to help you with the electrical work when installing lighting fixtures.

    Inspiration truly can be found anywhere. You will love your space if you choose a decorating style that best reflects your taste. Remember, your opinion is what matters the most. If you're feeling lost about which direction to go when selecting accessories for your home, call CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor home painter or paint contractor for assistance.

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