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  • Colorful Bathrooms

    CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor recommends bringing your bathroom to life by using vibrant paint colors.

    Are you bored with the bland paint color palette in your bathroom? For many years, neutrals, such as beiges and creams, have been popular color choices for the bathroom because they are timeless and tend to go well with the other color schemes throughout the rest of the home. However, colored bathrooms are growing in popularity as people are looking for new ways of expressing themselves. CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor's interior house painters urge homeowners to say goodbye to white colored bathroom walls and hello to vibrant colored walls. When thinking of painting your bathroom, stay up with the current trend and add more color to make it a vibrant space.

    When it comes to painting the bathroom, our interior house painters recommend homeowners to be courageous with color. People tend to play it safe when decorating their houses. For those who may feel a little hesitant to add a vibrant paint color to their home, the bathroom is a great place to start as it is one of the smallest rooms in the home. Our house painters suggest using the following vibrant colorcombinations in your bathroom:

    • Peach: Add subtle warmth to your bathroom by adding a beautiful shade of peach colored paint. The color peach is vibrant, yet refined.Peach, is a mixture of orange and pink that contains the positive psychological effects of both colors without being too feminine. Our interior house painters believe peach is the perfect shade for those seeking a positive and relaxing environment.
    • Periwinkle: By tying in the tranquilly of blue and the luxuriousness of purple, periwinkle makes a bathroom feel fresh, clean, and lavish. Our interior house painters wonder whether periwinkle is considered blue or purple. Either way, this color is absolutely gorgeous in a bathroom of any size.
    • Lemongrass: Wake up feeling rejuvenated every morning by getting ready in a beautifully painted lemongrass bathroom. Lemongrass is a vibrant yellow, pale green color that is bright and cheerful. Add accents of espresso or gray to complete the look of your lemongrass bathroom.

    See, playing with color can be fun! CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor's interior house painters recommend bringing your bathroom to life by using vibrant paint colors. If you ever find yourself in the position of disliking a paint color, then there's always the option of having CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor's house painters repaint your bathroom for you. We can fix paint problems with ease!

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