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  • Exterior Paint Color

    CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor offers exterior paint color consultation services to commercial and residential customers.

    Exterior Paint Color

    So you know the timing is right to repaint the exterior of your house, but you're not exactly sure which direction to go in terms of the paint color. Well-no problem! CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor is here to help you find a fresh exterior paint color that suits not only your style, but also blends in with the rest of the neighborhood. By utilizing our interior and exterior painting consultation services, our painting contractors can work closely with you during the color selection process.

    Here are a few color concepts to help you get off on the right foot:

    • A successful exterior paint color palette consists of three main colors-a body color, a trim color, and an accent color. For instance, select a white for the body color, a red for a trim color, and a blue for an accent color. Those extra pops of red and blue will make your house stand out from the other homes in the neighborhood. 
    • Speaking of neighborhoods-take a glance at the houses in your neighborhood. What different paint colors are there? Choose a paint color that makes you stand out as an individual without making too bold of a statement. In many instances, neutral colors tend to look best on houses. 
    • When picking out a paint color, make sure you select a paint that offers all-climate protection, a mildew resistant finish, and something that will last for many years. With painting, it's best not to cut corners by selecting the least inexpensive paint-it may cost more upfront for the superior exterior paint, but chances are, the more expensive paint will protect your home for up to twice as long than the cheaper paint.

    CertaPro Painters of Palm Harbor knows just how to make the right first impression when it comes to exterior painting. With our paint color expertise, your house or building will be the best looking structure on the block! To schedule a painting consultation, contact CertaPro Painters of [Palm Harbor today via phone or email!

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